A Diversified Approach to Engineering’s Innovative Future

On April 9th, 1998, the Mining Innovation Rehabilitation and Applied Research Centre (MIRARCO), opened its doors in Sudbury, Ontario. The organization was created and led by Peter Kaiser, P. Eng, as a means to explore solutions to the mining industry’s challenges and as an environment to conduct applied research. MIRARCO, which operates as a unique not-for-profit hybrid, has transformed itself to include research pertaining to mining and
innovation in five areas of expertise: Climate, Energy, Software, Rock Mechanics, and Safety.
Operating globally, MIRARCO develops their people and innovates tools needed to plan and design the mines of the future, which conserve environmental integrity and produce sustainable

The driving force behind MIRARCO’s success and achievements is its dedicated workforce made up of experienced professionals and students at all levels of post-secondary education.
Since the organization is solely owned by Laurentian University, it provides an environment where academia and industry collaborate, offering engineering students the opportunity to jump start their careers before they’ve even graduated. MIRARCO hires graduate students to conduct applied research, providing them with firsthand experience they wouldn’t receive otherwise.

MIRARCO Mining Innovation