Mining Innovation, Rehabilitation, and Applied Research Corporation

Has been providing innovative solutions for mining industry challenges since 1998.
A not-for-profit research arm of Laurentian University, Canada’s Mining University.
Team of talented academic and industry professionals

Jennifer Abols

President and CEO of MIRARCO,
Executive Director of the Goodman School of Mines

Message from the President

MIRARCO has been at the forefront of establishing and delivering on ground-breaking solutions for the mining sector’s most challenging problems. Working collaboratively with mining companies, the private sector, consultants, and partners in industry, MIRARCO researchers are contributing to the pursuit of sustainable mining practices and to our collective global knowledge.

The calibre of MIRARCO’s internationally renowned team and the graduate students they attract are nothing short of remarkable. The breadth if the research projects undertaken and the culminating solutions over its relatively short time span are equally impressive.

Our Mission

We are the innovative research partner of choice for mining and related industries.

Our Vision

A research organization that develops innovative technologies, applied solutions, and highly qualified individuals in support of a safe, productive, and sustainable global mining industry.

Our Values

Innovation, Collaboration, Responsiveness, and Social Responsibility.

Celebrating 20 years of achievements and success in mining research and innovation.

Our Organization

MIRARCO is engaged in four core research domains:

Focuses on geohazard assessment & the mitigation of unpredictable rock behavior associated with deep underground mining.


Sean Maloney
Senior Research Advisors,

Ming Cai
Geomechanics Research Chair

Alex Hutchison
Rock Mechanics Lab Manager

Developing the next generation of software for mining with an emphasis on modelling and optimization.​


Chris Lane
Director, Software Centre

Blayne Teddy
Project Manager

Alex Hutchison
NHEET Project Lab Manager

Research focused on low carbon energy solutions for mine operations.


François Caron
Director, Energy Centre
7056751151 Ext. 5071

Addresses issues related to Safety and Risk Management in the mining industry.


Glenn Lyle
Director, Safety Centre
7056751151 Ext. 5074

Board of Directors

  • Dominic Fragomeni*, Vice-President, XPS; Consulting & Testwork
  • Jennifer Abols, President/CEO, MIRARCO
  • Michelle Ash, Chair GMG and CEO GEOVIA Dassault Systems
  • Fred Delabbio, Director, Strategy Focused Innovation (SFI)
  • Samantha Espley, President, Canadian Institute of Mining (CIM)
  • Leo Gerard, International President, USW
  • Jonathan GoodmanPresident  & CEO Dundee Corporation
  • Michael GribbonsPresident, CEO and Co-founder  at Maestro Digital Mine
  • Lorella Hayes, VP Administration, Laurentian University
  • Christine KaszyckiRetired, former Assistant Deputy Minister, Mines Minerals Division, ENDM
  • Luke MahonyVale – Head of Geology, Mine Engineering, Geotechnical, Technology & Innovation
  • James SimmonsPartner, Weaver Simmons
  • Michael O’Shaughnessy, Director, LogisticsTeck Resources

* Chair of the MIRARCO Board of Directors.