MIRARCO Celebrates 20th Year Anniversary

Building the Canadian mining brand: safe, productive, sustainable

MIRARCO Mining Innovation has reached a milestone this April, celebrating 20 years of achievements and success in mining research and innovation.
MIRARCO was founded in April 1998 by Dr. Peter Kaiser and since then, has been a not-for-profit mining research organization dedicated to providing innovative solutions to the mining industry and its various challenges.

The work conducted in MIRARCO’s five core research centres: Safety Research, Geomechanics Research, Decision Support Software, Sustainable Energy Solutions, and Climate Adaptation, have provided the industry with quality applied research to manage risks in the mining sector and beyond.

On a broader scale, MIRARCO’s goal is not only to influence and assist the industry in Sudbury, but to assist the Canadian mining industry in establishing its brand in becoming a global leader in advancing innovation, safety, productivity, and sustainability through new technology and discoveries.

Collaborative efforts in Malta (Floating Solar Panels) and in China through the newly established China-Canada Centre for Deep Mining Innovation are recent accomplishments that can be added to the list of work taking place across the globe.

Throughout its lifetime, MIRARCO has developed over 100 HQPs (Highly Qualified Persons) and managed over $65 million in projects. The last 20 years of boldly moving forward have allowed MIRARCO to develop revolutionary new technologies and make discoveries that have impacted the industry forever.

Breakthroughs in virtual reality technology, dynamic testing of mesh support, hydraulic air compressor technology, decision support software, climate change impact studies for remote First Nations in Northern Ontario, and many more projects have encouraged the evolution of the current undertaking in many areas of the mining industry.

Fostering and encouraging interest in science and engineering, cultivating young minds, celebrating diversity, embracing change, and creating bold strategic plans for energy, decision support, geomechanics, climate adaptation and mining safety are only a few examples of MIRARCO’s dedication to the future.

One thing is for certain, the best is yet to come for MIRARCO so stay tuned!