MIRARCO CEO Dr. Nadia Mykyctzuk discusses biomining technology at BEV In-Depth Conference 2022

The “BEV In-Depth: Mines to Mobility” conference was a two day event held at Science North’s Vale Cavern from May 25-26. It was a first-of-its-kind gathering, bringing together stakeholders from both Northern and Southern Ontario who share a commitment to realizing the promise of a fully integrated battery electric supply chain in Ontario and across Canada. The event featured industry leaders from a number of sectors, including mining supply and services, automotive, battery technology, ransportation, green energy, and investment groups.

Sudbury’s bioleaching and biomediation expert Nadia Mykytzczuk, interim president at MIRARCO. (BacTech photo)

MIRARCO CEO Dr. Nadia Mykyctzuk was one of many speakers at the event, in which she shared how critical battery minerals can be produced from mine wastes using biomining technology. Following the event, she spoke with CBC News and Northern Ontario Business to further discuss Sudbury’s potential for ‘green mining’, and MIRARCO’s role in the process.

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