First of its kind for the mining industry


BurstSupport encapsulates the design logic from the Canadian Rockburst Support Handbook (Kaiser et al., 1996) and integrates many recent research outcomes.

BurstSupport facilitates the interactive and iterative process of rockburst support design. It enables the user to assess load, displacement, and energy demands at multiple drift locations by considering anticipated seismic event magnitude and location, mining-induced stress, drift orientation, and rock mass quality simultaneously.

Using BurstSupport, the user is able to quickly and systematically evaluate the impact of potential mining-induced seismicity on drift stability, and to evaluate different rockburst support options to control rockburst damage in a user-friendly manner.

BurstSupport allows safety and geo-risk management through integration of all relevant engineering design components. It is envisioned that rockburst risk management can be significantly improved using this tool.


For more information on the software please contact
Dr. Ming Cai
Geomechanics Research Chair,
Full Professor in Laurentian University’s School of Engineering
Tel: (705) 675-1151 Ext. 2284
Email: mcai@laurentian.ca

System requirements

Microsoft Windows XP or above.

BurstSupport is a powerful standalone, Windows based 3D tool designed and developed by MIRARCO for mining or civil engineers to conduct rock support design in deep underground mine drifts or civil tunnels.

Key Features

A visual tool for rockburst support design

  • Easy to user interface to manipulate 3D objects
  • Build-in CAD tool for creating and editing 3D surfaces, curves, and points
  • Visually assign material properties and rock support to drifts/tunnels on the screen
  • Visualize calculated results along drifts to assist interactive rock support design

A convenient tool for rockburst support design

  • Import and export objects with various data format (e.g., DXF, MicroStation, and GoCAD)
  • Logical flow of design process (work flow)
  • Choose standard support and yielding support from the provided support library
  • Get results quicker and avoid mistakes

A practical tool for safety, production, and GeoRisk management

  • Consider mining-induced stress
  • Evaluate the influence of multiple seismic events on support design
  • Statistics of factors of safety and required rock support along the drift
  • Design variation made easy
  • See the whole picture

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