Rockburst Support Reference Book


MIRARCO at Laurentian University is releasing the manuscript of a Rockburst Support Reference Book consisting of three volumes:

This book evolved from the Canadian Rockburst Support Handbook (Kaiser et al. 1996) and includes findings from subsequent research by the authors and others around the world. This book specifically addresses support design aspects for strainbursts and for conditions where it is difficult, if not impossible, to establish a priori kinetic energy demand. A new design aspect – the concept of seismically triggered and dynamically loaded strainbursts – is introduced. Deformation-based support design principles are introduced to assist in selecting robust support systems to mitigate rockburst damage. This book provides comprehensive guidance to create safe working conditions in burst-prone mines.


This manuscript is distributed free upon registration as a reader.
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Volume I
Rockburst phenomenon and support characteristics

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Volume II
Rock support to mitigate strainburst damage caused by dynamic excavation failures

The volume II will be available in 2021.